Coffee Date: Village Bakery

I start everyday with coffee, without fail. One of my favorite things to do on my days off, is to go on coffee dates with James, who luckily loves coffee as well. We sip our coffee, share a pastry or breakfast, and enjoy each others morning company. Honestly, coffee dates are one of my favorite parts of our relationship.

I have found so many amazing bakeries and coffee places around Sonoma County and they all are amazing. 15 minutes away from my house, there is a bakery that I have fallen in love with: Village Bakery!

I got a latte, James got a coffee, we split a chocolate croissant, and corn beef hash for breakfast.  Check out my pictures from our amazing morning and stop by the Village Bakery when you are in wine country.

Village BakeryVillage Bakery

Village Bakery makes all their pastries in house, which includes all kinds of breads, croissants, cakes, and brownies.

Village BakeryVillage BakeryVillage BakeryVillage Bakery


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