How to: Suprise Inside Cake

Surprise Inside CakeFor my colleague’s baby shower i wanted to bake something special! Claire is not super girly and she is expecting a girl, so I did not want to flood the party with a PINK cake! I happened to find this surprise inside cake on Pinterest for a gender reveal party. Although we all knew Claire was having a girl, I wanted to take the idea and use it for the party. The result was awesome! A pretty and clean white color cake, but shades of pink M&Ms and Jordan Almonds in the middle.

I got a recipe online for a lemon cake and made 3 layers, then covered the cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.

Here are a few photos to show how assembled the cake:

Make 3 layers of whatever cake you like! After the cakes are cooled, I refrigerated the layers over night. When the cake is firmer, it is easier to cut. Lay the first layer down and cover the top with icing.

Candy Cake

For the second layer, I used a 6 inch round cardboard cake plate. You can get these at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby. I used the plate as my stencil and cut a circle out of the middle of the layer. It is okay if you need to cut the layer in half (creating 2 half moons) to make for easier transportation.

Put the second layer (the outer circle) on top of the first. Fill the hollow cake with whatever color treats you want! Since it was a baby shower for a baby girl, I chose pink and purple M&Ms and purple, pink and white Jordan Almonds. (We also work at Jordan Winery, so Jordan Almonds are appropriate!) But you could do any kind of candy you want.

You can see below, how the second layer is cut and stacked and then filled!

Candy filled

Put the top layer of cake on top! As you can now see below, the M&Ms and Almonds are hidden.

Surprise Inside Cake

Frost the whole cake and take to the party! This is such an impressive cake, and honestly, is not difficult! I had the mama to be cut the cake, and it was a very special surprise when everyone saw the candy inside.

Look below for more pictures of the shower:

Surprise Inside CakeBeautiful mama to be!

Surprise Inside Cake

Surprise Inside Cake

What a fun way to welcome the newest little member of our work family!

I hope you try this cake soon!

Surprise Inside Cake


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