Scribe Winery

Scribe Winery

If you read reviews on Yelp, this winery is deemed the “hipster winery.” After hearing this, James and I had to check it out. They are appointment only, and we called for a couple weeks with no luck, all the appointments were full. Obviously they were doing something right, if every weekend was full, so we kept trying. Finally we got an appointment at 11am on a Thursday.

            Driving up the palm tree drive way was beautiful. We went up a small hill and found a house (the offices) and underneath that, there was the tasting room/cellar. By tasting room, I mean picnic tables on their lawn, with 360 views of the vineyards.

            Our host was Jessica, she gave us a warm welcome. She shared their wines, talked to us about the wine making process, where the grapes were from, how the winery came about, and life in wine country.

Scribe Winery

       The winery sees themselves as “Scribes of the land,” who pay a huge tribute to the original land settlers. The Dresel’s found their way onto the land in 1858 and started a winery. The family won awards with their wine, making Rieslings, Sylvaner, Semillon, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Just like hundreds of other wineries, prohibited stopped their legal production.

            The current owners took over in 2007 and continued the Dresel’s legacy. See the others full bios here.

            Jessica poured us a Riesling, two Chardonnays, and their pinot, most of which came from the vines that made up our view. Each was delicious and unique. She also, graciously, gave us a beautiful cheese and fruit plate to enjoy with the wine.

Scribe WineryYou seriously can’t beat the view and the atmosphere they have. It was such a relaxing morning with good wine and good company.

            After our wine tasting was completed, James and I decided to swing from the rope dangling from a tree. The tree is positioned by the vines, so while you swing, you can see the whole property. It was pretty fantastic!

Scribe Winery

            Scribe also has their own garden, and the staff was kind enough to let us leave with some fresh produce. The zucchini’s were over a foot long, the butternut squash was beautifully orange, and their tomatoes were bright red and plump. We can never turn down fresh local produce.

Farm Stand  All in all, the experience was incredible. We will be back…

 Scribe Winery

            Be sure to call ahead, but be sure to visit SCRIBE WINERY.


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