To whom it may concern… things are changing here

This blog, Appleton Desserts, had been a blessing. It has taken me places I would have never expected. Through this blog, I have published recipes, inspired others, documented my random dessert thoughts, and I was picked to be a contestant on The American Baking Competition, where I met my amazing boyfriend, James, and was able to compete on national television.

            What a lot of people do not know, is that, after The American Baking Competition, I went back to Texas with a month left in college, and the whole world in front of me. James was already on the west coast, so I thought; why not move to Northern California, to wine country. I had already visited once, when my dad took me to for my 21st birthday, so I knew I loved it. After the move I kept with my blog, but I got into the wine industry and so much changed.

            Coffee, Cupcakes, and Wine is going to be the next evolution of Appleton Desserts. This new change will encompass all that I love! Since James and I moved to wine country, we have discovered so many coffee shops, wineries, and desserts. With this new and improved blog, I will be writing about all of these!

            I hope you all continue to follow me, and see what new adventures I go on! I will keep posting my dessert recipes, but also mention wineries and cafes that I find to be fun and exciting though out my travels!

            Welcome to the new Coffee, Cupcakes, Wine.


Whitney Beery


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