A Review: Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop

I am a woman obsessed…

And I blame my mother for this obsession. She discovered a hidden gem in Denver, Colorado and began buying amazing dried herbs and spices from this place…

The name is Savory Spice Shop. I love this shop, because of the quality of ingredients found there. Savory offers many unique herb blends, spices, salts, and extracts.  The spices are ground fresh in weekly batches, so that they have freshest possible product.  Savory Spice Shop has more than 160 original blends, all hand-crafted in Denver.  Both are offered for sale in as little as half ounce and in either bags or bottles.  Now this spice shop has locations in 12 different states, I’m sure there is one by you.

What a creative idea? Spices, extracts, and herbs can enhance something as bland as tuna fish salad and create delicious depth in desserts.

If I could, I would buy EVERYTHING of Savory Spice Shop. For my house warming gift in college my mom gave me a Savory Spice Shop Keys to the Cupboard present. This gift was perfect! It is literally the most essential things you will need in your spice rack: granulated garlic, onion, dried oregano, basil, and more. I have used these spices in nearly everything I have ever made. At that point, I was hooked on Savory Spice Shop.

Fast forward a few years: James and I moved to the Northern California wine country about 4 months ago and my spice selection was dwindling quickly. But, never fear! My mother saved the day. She sent me the most amazing baking spice/extract package from Savory of course!

–          Saigon cinnamon

–          Mexican vanilla beans and vanilla extract

–          Madagascar vanilla bean paste

–          Grenada nutmeg

–          Vanilla bean sugar

–          Indonesian cassia cinnamon sticks

Go on… please try and tell me all that doesn’t sound AMAZING…

I opened this package in my office (where it was delivered) and I kid you not, everyone who walked by smelled the fantastic aromas and asked me what I had on my desk. I hadn’t even opened an envelope of the spices yet… they are just so beautifully fragrant, that everyone in the office could smell them through the packaging.

I’ve been using these spices as much as I can in my baking and they really make a difference. Everything is much better quality than what you will find at the grocery store and it truly shows. You’ll be able to smell and taste a more definite vanilla with the paste and extracts. The cinnamon is richer and sweeter than the fake stuff at the store and who doesn’t love stirring a hot chocolate with a warm spicy cinnamon stick?

Does Savory Spice Shop deliver? I am sure you’re asking, because you want to order these amazing spices and herbs right NOW! And the answer is yes, you can order online and your spices can be delivered to your door.

Get online and start exploring… you won’t be sorry. Your friends and family will notice a difference in your baking and cooking with these delicious ingredients. After all, you must have the best ingredients to make the best product possible.


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