How To: Pipe Frosting onto Cupcakes

Frosting After

Since everyone has gotten into cupcakes in the past couple years, I do have a lot of people asking how to decorate these tiny cake creations. Its pretty simple really, you just have to have the right equipment and a steady hand. Learning to pipe frosting on cupcakes and cakes does take practice, but after a little while, you will be decorating like a pro.

Here are a few pictures and examples of what I do at home. I use 3 basic piping tips, which you can easily find in your local craft store. I always use the largest tips for cupcake decorating, because is covers the most surface and gives you the most frosting, and honestly, it is easier and looks better to use the largest size you can find.

For all 3 tips, I demonstrated how to decorate by piping the frosting around and swirling up. This is how you get the best height on your frosting. The other way that I show is simply squeezing the piping bag while keeping the tip at the exact same spot (probably the easiest way to do it).


FrostingI started with a basic yellow cake recipe and vanilla Swiss meringue butter cream.

Frosting StarFrosting Star 2Large star tip with a swirl and no swirl.

Frosting RoundLarge round tip with no swirl
and a swirl.

Frosting Flower StarFrosting Flower Star 2Large drop flower tip with a swirl and one where I held the tip in one position, sqeezed, and let go, I did this around the whole surface of the cupcake and made a hydrangea look.

Frosting After 2

There are so many different decorating options. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Happy baking!


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